Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SOme recent News Articles, reviews and interviews

Blackout was released yesterday and with the book tour now underway, there's a lot of articles turning up online. Here's a sample of them:

Nerdvana Article

San Francisco Chronicle Interview


January Magazine




imaSAINT41 said...

Hey Connie,

I am doing a repot on you and you works in science fiction. I am having a lot of trouble finding background information on you such as you birth, you significant careers, your education , and some cool facts about you life. Please e-mail me at it would be great to hear from you.


Your #1 Fan, Ryan

Mr.SFTV said...


If you go to, there are several links to articles about Connie that will have a good number of answers for you. Also, the bio at the beginning of the recent Locus Magazine article, available online, is a good summary of her career. Also, several of the recent articles link to here on the blog also have some good background information.