Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blackout on the NYT List, More Photos

According to official sources, BLACKOUT will hit #34 on The New York Times bestseller list for fiction on February 21st.  Congrats to Connie!

Below are some pictures from Connie's appearance at Borderlands Books in San Francisco.  As with all the stops on the tour, they should have some signed copies of Blackout as well as some of Connie's other books in their inventory.  Photos are courtesy of Cordelia and Connie Willis.


David Thompson said...

Come see her in Houston this Friday!

Murder By The Book
2342 Bissonnet St.
Friday, February 19, 6:30 p.m.

Paul said...

So disappointed with Blackout.

Not the writing, which is great, but the fact that you get one half of a book for the price of one.

I paid good money for this book, which I work hard for in hard times, and I expected an entire novel not half of a novel.

This is the last Connie Willis book I ever buy in hardback. Ms. Willis, your writing is great. Your decision to publish one novel as two, which really means your business ethics: not so much.

Nadine said...

Paul-the decision to split Blackout was not something Connie Willis had any control over whatsoever-it was made by her publisher based on the production costs. It was either split it into 2 or cut out a great deal of the book-in manuscript, it's over 2000 pages long. She has told people this all along, so your comment about her ethics is off base and out of line. I recommend you educate yourself a little befoire making a jackass out of yourself on the internet.

Pam said...

I have just finished reading "Blackout" which had me enthralled, however I am mystified as to how the time travellers catch up with each other, if they all left 2060 around the same time (in real time) one going to May and Polly going to September then surely the time just keeps going at the same rate and when Dave reaches October then Polly would be in February the following year? I was disappointed in "I wager" and if they are English it is GREY NOT GRAY.