Monday, May 26, 2008

BaltiCon 42 Blog Reports

I've found several people who have blogged about BaltiCon 42 this weekend that have mentioned Connie in their blogs.

First of all, Greeley, Colorado, was hit with tornadoes late last week and according to a report on the opening ceremonies, Connie mentioned that her house and family were OK.

The other important news is that Connie has finished All Clear after six years working on it and after a few more tweaks it will be sent off to the publisher. I'm hoping to get some more details directly from Connie soon.

Here's a roundup of the blog reports:

A Curious Statistical Anomaly has several daily reports under the BaltiCon tag. This includes the report on opening ceremonies and the report on Connie's Q&A where she mentioned the status of All Clear.

Wombat Rampant reports on Balticon as well in several posts.

Punkadyne Labs (i.e. Grig "Punkie Larson") posted a couple of blog entries on BaltiCon, including one about doing a panel called "Who Really Wrote the Works of Connie Willis?"

Finally, there should eventually be an interview/podcast with Connie up on the BaltiCon Podcast website.

Lee Whiteside

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