Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Connie Willis News tidbits

Doomsday Book is 2008's One Book, One Batavia selection.
Batavia, Illinois, has chosen Doomsday Book as the One Book, One Batavia 2008 selection. As part of this selection, Connie Willis will be making two appearances in Batavia on March 20th. One at noon at the Batavia Public Library for the Books Between Bites lunch session and that night at the Batavia High School at 7 pm. Full details on on the One Book, One Batavia page.

Starship Sofa Podcast
The works of Connie Willis are featured on the new edition of the Starshp Sofa podcast, #80
This week the StarShipSofa smacks into on of the brightest stars in SF and that is Connie Willis. Join Tony C Smith on his own personal voyage of discovery into all things Connie Willis.


larrytt said...

I tried both the paperback and hardback versions of "Doomsday Book," but both have very small print, and I had trouble reading them. (I gave up after a few pages.) Is there a version with larger print?
-Larry Hodges

Mr.SFTV said...


Probably the edition with the largest type would be the original hard back (not the book club), which goes for quite a bit since it is rare. The trade paperback edition is probably the one with the largest type that can be found in used book stores. To use larger type on the mass market paperback edition would probably make it too thick.

Norman said...

I always check this web site for any news regarding the upcoming novel "All Clear" by Connie but have been out of luck. It seems this book is long overdue, any idea when it will see the light of day?


Mike said...

For those that have read Bellwether...

At the very end of the book Connie predicts the return of the Pineapple upsidedown cake. On the exact same day that I finished the book I went to a cafe in Luala Lumpur and saw this...

New! Pineapple Upsidedown!

The coincidence was so much I just had to post this.