Friday, August 1, 2008

Connie at San Diego Comic Con International

I've got a round up of news and information from Connie's appearances at San Diego Comic Con International last weekend. Her group panel with other authors was packed and her solo spotlight panel was nearly full. At her spotlight panel, she indicated that All Clear would be finished in the next month.

Thursday was the Eye on the Past panel with a number of authors. From left to right in the picture are Maryelizabeth Hart (moderator from Mysterious Galaxy), Peter David, Naomi Novik, Connie Willis, Max Allan Collins (with a wall of books), Jess Winfield, and Jacqueline Carey. Each author talked about how their books are set in a specific time and what is involved with researching the time period. It appeared that a good number of the attendees in the panel room were there primarily for Naomi Novik.

After the panel was a signing with all of the authors. As somewhat expected, most of the people in the autograph line had something for Naomi Novik, so those of us with books for the other authors got to skip ahead and take care of their books.

On Friday, Connie did her spotlight panel where she talked about All Clear and answered questions from the audience. This livejournal post by kalquessa (after the Stargate panel review) summarizes Connie's panel well. Later in the day, she did a signing at the Bantam Spectra booth. (Bantam/Spectra's new online site) has a video of Connie signing Passage. After the signing, Suvudu taped an interview of Connie with her editor, Anne Groell, that should turn up on the site sometime in the near future.

Saturday night, Connie watched her daughter, Cordelia, perform in the Comic Con masquerade. Her group, doing a scifi take on Hairspray, won Judges choice.
Connie's next official event was a signing at the Bantam Spectra booth on Sunday, in which they handed out copies of Bellwhether.

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Barbara said...

This may be the wrong place to post this message, so please excuse me. Can you let us know when any of Ms. Willis' books will be released on the Amazon Kindle?