Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Update From Connie

The novel is now really turned in, though there's still tons of work (and cutting) to be done on it, so I won't really feel like celebrating until that's done and the book's formally accepted and everything. I worked on the Obama campaign and I'm still deliriously happy about the election a week later and having a little trouble with withdrawal, though I am busily watching Sarah Palin's Victory Tour? which is helping some.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Connie Willis


tyson said...

Hi There :)
I'm not sure whether Connie herself actually sees or reads these posts or comments, but i just wanted to post a quick note here to say how wonderful i think her stories are.

I'm a designer and art-director and at this moment my company has been hired to work on a project that tracks trends and fads, so of course, i immediately thought of Bellwether. I'm going to be sending out an email to the rest of the scattered team working on this project that they should read it as soon as they can...

I also just noticed on the site that Connie was an Obama supporter (which is awesome) and although we're a Canadian company, we also worked on the Obama campaign (various web/mapping applications)
It's nice to see that we both shared in the experience of helping such a remarkable man into the White house.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (even if you do celebrate it much later than we do).
All the best

anders said...

I am really looking forward to All Clear. Connie really knows how to write about time travels. Hopefully its released this year.

Jessica said...

Like the commenter before me- I'm not sure if Ms. Willis will ever see this, but I absolutely adored Dooms Day Book. It was completely enthralling. A co-worker lent it to me, thinking I would like it and I'm totally addicted. I've never read a book before that kept me so entirely on the edge of my seat the whole time. It seemed so realistic and was just absolutely fantastic. It somehow managed to make me feel so hopeful and so sad at the same time. The one draw back is that I wish I knew more- I wanted the characters' journeys to continue. Wonderful piece of literature! You have gained a loyal fan for life.

MJ Morgan, Writer said...

Likewise, Obama delerium runs high in our house, too! Also enjoy Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

Just saw this:

Thought you'd appreciate it.
Thanks for participating so fully in Loveland Loves To Read last year - you made it a blast!

Always hoping for your success,

cadh 8 said...

I too am hoping Ms. Williams sees this so that I can thank her for her novella, The Last of the Winnebagos. It captured something...well, just as the main character hoped to capture truth in his pictures...this book captured something of the essence of loving a dog. It was indescribable, but I cried my way through much of it. I was thinking of dogs I have loved and lost. And thinking of a world without dogs...where by a little humans stupidity and carelessness we let something so important slip away. Anyway, it was beautiful. Thank you. I look forward to exploring your work, as this was the first I have read.

Mark Wolfgang said...

I've been waiting and watching for a long time for a new release by Connie, now I'm confused-- she says she's working on All Clear, yet I see a scheduled February release of a novel called Blackout-- at 464 pages, it's certainly not in the "Meg" series. Is this the same project?