Sunday, September 28, 2008

Loveland Loves to Read: Bellwether

The Loveland, Colorado library has selected Connie Willis' Bellwether as their Loveland Loves to Read book and this week has Connie giving two talks on Wednesday, Oct 1st at the Rialto theatre.

Here's the original announcement about the event from back in August. For current details, visit the Friends of the Loveland Library page or read this informational PDF about it.


Maryjo Faith said...

As a writer and a reader, I was thrilled to attend Connie's events this week in Loveland. During the Wednesday afternoon presentation at the Rialto Theater, Connie was articulate, funny, and encouraging to the readers and writers present.

Most of all, in sharing her love of books and reading, she engaged her audience with a litany of authors who had inspired her. There were many knowing nods when she talked about her first library card and reading her way through section after section in her local library. Connie managed to sprinkle in some some political comment - just as we'd expect!

Connie also discussed genre classifications, and explained why her books, including Bellwether, fit the science fiction slot.

I suggest that readers who think they don't like science fiction are missing some great reading, especially if they enjoy literary writing styles, if Willis isn't at the top of their favorite authors list! I thoroughly relished the humor, social commentary and intelligent prose in Connie Willis' work, and I think they would, too.

Connie was gracious at the book signing, taking time to chat with those of us who waited.

On Friday at the luncheon (held at Cipoletti's), winners of the Loveland Loves To Read Writing Contest read their winning stories aloud.

Connie answered questions from those in attendance with great aplomb, and generally contributed to a totally delightful event.

Many many thanks to you, Connie Willis!

YogaByHeart said...

Maryjo's report wafts my way the fresh insights and vigor of Connie Willis's thinking and writing, as well as the joys of an event like Loveland Loves to Read.

Mr.SFTV said...

Thanks for the report Maryjo!


Maryjo Faith said...

The Loveland Library has posted the writing contest winning entries on their homepage. The writers did a great job of creating their own fads!

Connie Willis made the Loveland Loves to Read program so much fun, I wrote an article about it for the Reporter-Herald, which ran Wed., 10/15/08.

Connie Willis strikes again!

BTW - this enthusiasm has not been solicited nor compensated - other than the enjoyment of a good read. :~)